The Ultimate Guide of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning guides (and especially good ones, don’t you agree?) are important to have when you start to plan for your wedding.

There are many wedding planning guides available to you now days online, however, it is quite a time-consuming sifting through all of the information. With all of this in mind, we have put together several of the best wedding planning guides we found to share with you and help educate you.

We start by giving you a background to the history of weddings. Then we give you a number of wedding planning guides, taking you through each phase of the wedding planning process in advance of your engagement to all of the events that take place prior to the day of your wedding.

You will get advice on how to decide what to wear, how to plan for your special day and acquire wedding professionals who will help you carry out your dream wedding. You will also learn how to handle numerous etiquette issues, plan for your honeymoon and begin your married life together.


Wedding Planning:  The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are selecting an engagement ring, throwing a pre-wedding event, choosing your wedding day attire, have an etiquette question you need to be answered, need help in hiring wedding vendors, planning for your big day, looking for valuable honeymoon tips or you are learning how to start your new life as a married couple together, this guide on wedding planning has you covered.


Table of Contents

The History Of Weddings

The History Of Weddings "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

In order to understand some of the traditions and cultural aspects involved in a wedding as well as to decide what you want to incorporate into your own wedding, let’s take a look at the history of weddings. Through these wedding resources, you will learn the origin, cultural and religious traditions of weddings and you will see how diamond engagement rings and wedding dresses came to be.

The Origin of Marriage:

How marriage has changed over the centuries:

Wedding Traditions from around the World

Popular Ethnic & Religious Wedding Traditions

The White Dress That Changed Wedding History Forever

The History of Engagement Rings

All About Engagements


Once you have decided to “pop the question” you will need help finding a diamond, coming up with the ideal way to propose and announcing your engagement to family and friends. These incredible wedding resources cover everything you need from learning the how much to spend on an engagement ring as well as the 4 C’s of a diamond, you will get ideas for a perfect proposal, the how to for announcing your engagement and introducing your in-laws.

New Rule For Engagement Ring Buying

4Cs of Diamonds

“Romantic” Proposal Ideas That Don’t Suck

How to Announce (and Celebrate!) Your Engagement

How to Introduce Future In-Laws

10 Myths about Engagement

Throwing a Great Pre-Wedding Event

Throwing A Great Pre-Wedding Event "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

There are several pre-wedding events to consider and here are the wedding resources for them! Many families hold an engagement party to start things off in celebrating the couple’s upcoming nuptials. Family or friends may also hold a Bridal Shower for the bride-to-be showering her with either home or personal gifts or a combination of the two. The Wedding Party often is in charge of Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, which are meant to be a fun time spent with just the girls or just the guys before the wedding. Rehearsal dinners consist of the bride and groom’s family as well as the wedding party and is an occasion to gather together to practice their roles before the ceremony as well as to have a dinner with those closest to you in a more intimate setting.
Throwing an Engagement Party

Throwing a Great Bridal Shower

How To: Throw The Ultimate Bachelor Party

How to Plan A Bachelorette Party

Rehearsal Dinners


How To Choose Your Wedding Day Attire

How To Choose Your Wedding Day Attire "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

You want the bridal gown of your dreams, the most fashionable bridesmaids dress, a stylish tuxedo or suit, and trendy outfit to wear to a Wedding! Whether you are the bride, groom, wedding party, family or guest attending the wedding, you will want to consider the type of the wedding, location, season, and time of day when making your decision on what to wear. It can be challenging with so many options, here are some amazing wedding resources for finding the best fit and style for your wedding day attire.

The Bride’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing Her Perfect Wedding Gown

The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

What to Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding Guest Attire Guidelines

What Do Men Wear to a Wedding as a Guest


Planning For Your Big Day

Planning Your Big Day "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

Planning your Wedding Day is what it all comes down to. The following wedding resources will help you along the way as you decide what type of wedding ceremony to have and how you can reduce stress on your wedding day. You will also get expert wedding planning advice including issues to address in pre-marital counseling as well as DIY and Destination Wedding planning tips.

A Guide To The Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Vow to Stress Less: Wedding Day Tips from Brides

Wedding Planning Advice from Vogue Editors

5 Tips That May Save Your Wedding (and Your Sanity)

7 Issues to Address in Pre-Marital Counseling

DIY Wedding Planning

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips


Hiring The Dream Team Of Wedding Vendors

Hiring The Dream Team Of Wedding Vendors "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

Hiring wedding vendors who will help you create your dream wedding can seem overwhelming to say the least. Learn how to find your team of vendors, interview them and ask them the right questions with these wedding resources. If they make your cut, take into consideration their personality and go with your intuition when selecting your vendors. Don’t forget to ask for references and read up on those contracts!

How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Vendor Team

How to Find and Interview Potential Wedding Vendors

What to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

Go With Your Instinct-Selecting The Right Wedding Vendors

5 Questions to Ask Wedding Vendor References

Wedding Vendor Contracts: 8 Tips To Decipher & Understand Wedding Paperwork


Get All Your Etiquette Questions Answered

Get All Your Etiquette Questions Answered The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

Find out solutions to etiquette dilemmas, the do’s and don’ts of wedding invitations and etiquette rules for bringing a plus 1. Learn new wedding etiquette, who pays for what, whether or not to allow cell phones at weddings and what is ok and what is not in regards to weddings and social media. If you have gift etiquette questions or need help with those Thank You notes these wedding resources cover that too.

Your Most Common Wedding Etiquette Dilemmas Solved!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Bringing a +1 to a Wedding? The Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

New Wedding Etiquette – Who Pays For What?

Cell Phones at the Wedding Ceremony

Weddings & Social Media: What’s Ok & What’s Not

Gift Etiquette

Thank You Cards


Essentials Of A Honeymoon

Essentials Of A Honeymoon "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

The wedding resources listed below will show you some of the top honeymoon destinations as well as give you several useful tips for how to plan your honeymoon. You will find information on obtaining a passport for your travels, get ideas for various honeymoon activities and find out how to have a safe & healthy honeymoon.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

10 Essential Honeymoon Tips

How to Plan Your Honeymoon

Honeymoons: The How-To After “I Do”

Honeymoon Passport Information Every Bride Should Know!honeymoon-passport-info/cfwq

Honeymoon Activities for Your Trip

A How-to Guide for a Safe and Healthy Trip

Travel Money Essentials


Creating Your Life Together After The Wedding

Creating Your Life Together After The Wedding "The Ultimate Wedding Resource Guide" by Debi Buckley

After saying your “I Do’s”, what comes next? We spend so much time planning and agonizing over the perfect wedding but what about creating your life after the wedding together as a couple? Here are several exceptional wedding resources for you to learn what to do, get advice and see how to make your marriage work. You will also find an excellent guide to moving in together and dealing with in-laws not to mention how to write your thank you notes without pain.

I’m married now, what next?

The Best Marriage Advice from Newlyweds

What Makes Marriage Work

The Ultimate Guide for Couples Moving in Together

Ten Basic Rules for Dealing with In-Laws

How to Make Thank You Note Writing Painless


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