Limit Your Wedding Decisions & Reduce Your Stress!


 Limit Your Wedding Decisions" by Debi Buckley
Is making another wedding decision overwhelming you?


Do you feel like you are running a race only to be met with another hurdle instead of the finish line?


I mean really, when did wedding planning become so stressful?


With so many choices to make and options to consider, how do you limit your wedding decisions?


If you want to reduce the stress wedding planning has been causing you, try these helpful tips to limit your wedding decisions.


Do your initial research and then stop researching!


Spend the time to know what is available and figure out what you like versus what you don’t like.


Once you have evaluated themes, colors and the overall look and feel of what your wedding vision entails, end your research.


Stop looking at Pinterest, stop pinning and stop obsessing!


Put together an inspiration board for your wedding. From there, make a plan for what you want to include and stick with it.


Once you have made your final decisions, stop and be happy with your choices.


Don’t 2nd guess yourself.


Brides today forget to stop looking for inspiration. This can get you into trouble if you are continually adding new ideas and projects to your already full to-list and often limited budget.



Know what you like however stay flexible and prioritize.


By knowing what you want it is easier to decide between two or three options.


That being said, though, you may want to remain flexible and prioritize your decisions based upon your budget.


For example, if you have figured out what venue you want for your wedding you may still need to be flexible on the day of the week to have your wedding.  If your priority is to invite everyone you want, you may opt to select a Friday evening or a Sunday brunch instead of a Saturday evening.


Or figure out if a different city nearby where you want to get married is more cost effective.


Don’t try to keep up with others; as it will only add more stress.


Don’t compare yourself to others either.


Do what you want and make your wedding personalized to you.



Hire a Wedding Planner.

 "Hire A Wedding Planner" Debi Buckley
You will more than make up the money spent on hiring a wedding planner.


Wedding planners give you guidance on how to spend your budget wisely based on what is important to you.


They also save you time and energy cutting back on the numerous decisions you have to make.


A good wedding planner will assist you towards making educated decisions quickly.


Not having to stress over every detail is freeing.


There are so many details to think of, why not hire someone else to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed with it all as well as so you don’t forget any of those details.


Wedding planners help you focus on your vision and how to create the wedding you want within your budget.


Not to mention, having someone on your side is a huge peace of mind.


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Narrow down your options.


By narrowing your choices to 3 – 5 venues or vendors each, you will save yourself a lot of headaches.


Select venues in your area of interest and budget before you go see them and fall in love.


Choose vendors wisely who are able to lay out your options and give recommendations based on their experience, so it is easier for you to make decisions.


Limit your options as much as possible so it is quick and simple for you to decide.


Find vendors who are close by (saving you traveling fees as well).


Make sure your vendors share your vision, educate you & narrow down your options based on your vision, and you get a good feeling about working with them.


When hiring vendors make sure your personalities match, then go with your gut.



Don’t obsess, be decisive!

"Don't obsess, be decisive!" by Debi Buckley
Once you know what you want or even if you don’t know what you want, don’t be indecisive.


Look, educate yourself on your options and then make a decision.


Go for an all-inclusive wedding venue so you deal with fewer vendors.


Select vendors who take care of more than one service.


Remember the big picture.


Think of your wedding day as a day of celebration, not a day that has to be perfect.


If they don’t matter to you, then forget about little details.


Decide you are going to keep things simple.


Keep your wedding intimate.


Decide you will not stress over little mishaps that are sure to happen.


Create a backup plan so you are able to let go of fear.


Realize why you are obsessing and deal with the real issue.



Trust Your Wedding Vendors.

 "Trust Your Wedding Vendors" by Debi Buckley
Once you have selected your wedding vendors, trust them to carry out your plan.


You have interviewed them, discussed your wedding vision with them and now it is time to let them do their job.


After all, they are the professionals.


Check in with your vendors but let them handle the details so you don’t have to once you have handled the necessary ones.



Don’t ask other opinions.


It is one thing to delegate a task to someone; it is another to ask for everyone’s opinions.


Everyone is different and will have different opinions, which will only confuse matters more.


Realize not everyone will like your choices and that is okay.


Don’t be a people pleaser.


Yours and your future spouse’s opinions are the only ones that matter.


This is your wedding! Do what makes you happy.



Delegate, delegate, delegate.


Divide and conquer.


Again, hire a wedding planner to help you with all the work involved in planning your wedding.


Rely on the professionals you hired to carry out your plans.


Involve family and friends in a DIY project.


I can’t say it enough! Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.


One person alone can only do so much, be realistic and handle what you are comfortable with handling and leave the rest to wedding professionals, family, and friends.


When it comes to planning a wedding, decide on things that matter most to you and have your future spouse decide things that matter most to them.


Give up control on the things that don’t matter to either of you by having others make decisions on the things that neither of you cares as much about.


Hire professionals or get loved ones to assist you with the work so you can enjoy this time period in your life.



Don’t let wedding planning overwhelm you or stress you out, limit your wedding decisions.


Instead of worrying over everything and making wedding planning harder than it needs to be, make the most important decision to have fun with the process and stop stressing out!


A wedding is a party and although it is one of the most important days of your life, don’t add the extra pressure of having to make it perfect.


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