Affordable Weddings:  33 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Affordable and Under Today’s Average Wedding Cost!

Are you looking for ways and ideas on how to be Affordable Weddings: “33 Affordable Ways to Keep Your Wedding Affordable ” by Debi Buckley
have an affordable wedding and still be able to have your ideal wedding?

Today I’m going to show you how you can keep your wedding affordable, and get this stay under the average wedding budget which is upwards of $30k.

You will see there are various ways you can be smart with money to ensure your wedding is fabulous without overspending.  After all, not everyone has $30k to spend on a wedding, especially as brides and grooms more frequently are having to pay for it themselves.

…and isn’t there enough pressure already, adding wedding planning to today’s hard-working couple without combining extra debt into the equation?

Fortunately for you, I will share several ways to make your wedding more affordable and how you can be certain to still have an amazing wedding without breaking your bank.

So, whether you have $5k to spend or just under the $30k average spent on a wedding, you can have the wedding of your dreams.

I have grouped together major wedding expense categories to make it easy for you to be directed to various options for getting the most money saving depending on your particular preferences.

List of Expense Categories

Wedding Venue

First of all Wedding Venues are one of the biggest expenses when planning a wedding.  As a result, if you are open to the location where you share your nuptials, you may possibly just save yourself thousands of dollars.

park wedding ceremony

1st – Church

If you belong to a congregation you may want to consider getting married inside your Church.  This can be an inexpensive means for your wedding ceremony.  Remember, though, there may be steps you have to take before you are able to get married in some churches. Various rules and regulations must be followed and could lead to time constraints.  Counseling or marital classes might be a requirement as well.

2nd – Public park or beach

Also, there are several public parks and beaches, which cost little to nothing to hold your wedding ceremony at.  You will want to research sites you like and explore the requirements; allowed capacity and insurance information.  Contact your city of choice for more details; here is a link for information on  California state parks and beaches.

3rd – Restaurant

Let’s face it, restaurants are a great choice for a wedding reception.  They can be a sensible decision compared to other selections.  They have ample space, numerous food choices and staff available as well as private party room packages, which may save you quite a bit of money.

4th – All Inclusive Packages

In addition, when searching for venues it is always best to find out about their packages.  Therefore, if they include food & drinks, staff, flowers, linens, decor and other vendor services such as cake, officiant, DJ, photographer, etc., you might find yourself saving a pretty penny.  You can usually find several venues in your area, which cater to an all inclusive type package.

5th – Backyard

Finally, if you or a family or friend has a beautiful backyard, which can accommodate, this is a no-brainer for conserving your budget dollars towards other wedding essentials.  Just make sure to consider what time of day and how many guests will be attending.  You don’t want your neighbors complaining and breaking up the party.


Wedding Day

Consequently, season, date and time of day play major factors in determining how much things will cost.   Many venues and wedding vendors charge more for peak seasons, dates and times.

wedding couple

6th – Season

Look to get married in the off-season.  Many vendors will give you a discount in the month before or the month after peak season, when the weather is still nice.

7th – Date

Saturdays are the most costly day to get married.  So why not say your “I Do’s” at the location of your dreams and still be economical?  You can do this by holding it on a Friday evening or on a Sunday instead.

8th – Time

If you don’t mind getting up early, choosing to have your wedding in the morning or afternoon therefore may be all the difference in pricing.


Wedding Guest List

Your guest list plays a huge role in the price of everything.  From purchasing and sending out invitations, food and drinks to wedding favors.  If you are not opposed to cutting back on your guest list, you will be able to save a ton of money.

intimate wedding

9th – Cut back

While cutting back might be the hardest yet easiest way to reduce spending when it comes to a wedding.  I’m sure you have heard phrases by now such as “$100 per head”.  If you would rather have your wedding at a certain scenery that costs more or have a specific dress or possibly splurge on the band you went to when you first met, rather then have your coworkers or distant cousins attend your wedding then this may be a great option for you.

10th – Keep it Intimate

Having a small gathering of family and friends in an intimate setting for your wedding reception is the perfect way to keep your guest list small while not overspending.


Food & Beverage

Food and beverage costs can become one of the highest priced items.  When selecting your menu keep in mind that things can add up really quickly.  You may start with a simple chicken meal and champagne toast which fit within your budget.  However you may find out when you add a cocktail reception hour, a 2nd entree and side that you are double your budget.

candy bar

Wedding Food

11th – Buffet or Food Stations

Either of these are good choices for couples that want to offer their guests more than one choice while saving on the expense of a sit-down dinner.

12th – Breakfast

After all, who doesn’t love a good breakfast?  And having a breakfast wedding reception will greatly reduce the costs of food and drinks.  Futhermore, you could even have a Bloody Mary or Mimosa Bar for guests to enjoy along with their breakfast.

13th – Picnic

A less traditional but alternative option if you are looking to have a wedding reception filled with fun while keeping costs down.

14th – Desserts and/or Candy Bar

If you are not a cake person, you may choose to forgo cake altogether.  Instead, you may opt to have another sweet offering such as a dessert or candy bar.  Cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, ice cream, cookies, donuts or various candies could satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth without the high price tag.


Wedding Beverages

15th – BYOB

Yes, bring your own alcohol to save big if your venue allows it.  The amount to purchase your own alcohol versus buying it from a vendor will be greatly reduced.

16th – Beer & Wine only Bar

If you don’t want your guests to get too drunk and you want to save on pricey mixed drinks, limit the bar to serving beer and wine.  Adding a signature cocktail is a good idea if you want to add another option without going overboard.

17th – Limiting Open Bar

Whether you decide to have a champagne only toast, beer & wine bar only or full open bar, limiting the number of hours will help a great deal in regards to the overall final beverage total.


Wedding Decor

Wedding decor is an area where it is easy to go overboard if you are not careful.  You will probably drive yourself crazy by looking at too many inspirational ideas.  Rather, stick to a few design elements and look for alternative ways to save when pulling it all together.

wedding decor

18th – Florals

When it comes to flowers, make sure you are using ones that are in season so you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for harder to get out of season flowers.  Other ideas include the use of silk flowers, paper, fabric or brooch florals.  You may decide to have other more feasible décor than flowers as your centerpieces as well.

19th – DIY

There are numerous alternatives when it comes to the do-it-yourself wedding projects.  Not only will some of these save you money, you will also create a lasting memory when choosing to include family and friends.  Check out our DIY tutorial blog for some ideas  19 Remarkable DIY Wedding Resource Tutorials Prevailing for 2016.

20th – Rent Decor

Besides linens, plates, utensils you can also rent decor items for less than purchasing them.


Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment fees can be cut down if this is something that is not important to you.  You may not care to hire a band or even a DJ to play music.  If it does not, you could lower the amount spent in this category.  Choose to have a device play pre-chosen music for you.  Or have other alternative entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment "33 Affordable Wedding Planning Resources" by Debi Buckley

21st – Virtual DJ

There are apps today where you can choose to have a virtual DJ or you could use your own iPod or another device.

22nd – Photo Booth

Why not have an area set up for a photo booth with your own props and photographer?  This will save on the rental of an actual booth and will still create a fun interaction with your guests.

23rd – Games or Activities

Adding games to the mix for kids and/or adults whether inside or outside will add some good old fun for your guests.  And without it having to be something that will cost a fortune.


Wedding Vendors

When it comes to looking around for various wedding vendors, you may find more cost-effective options by getting creative.  Try thinking outside the box and utilizing any skills or expertise from family, friends or the community around you.

Wedding Vendors "33 Affordable Wedding Planning Resources" by Debi Buckley

24th – Officiant

See if a family member or close friend wants to marry you.  It is fairly easy to go online and apply to become ordained,  American Marriage Ministries offers this for free.

25th – Hire someone in training

Possibilities include hiring someone from a local high school or college who are looking to start or add to their portfolio.  You could have them help with anything from catering, serving, photography, to videography, etc.


Wedding Attire

There are alternates when shopping for bridal gowns and tuxedos, which could help you avoid a dent in your wallet.  For help on what to wear, consult our guide on  How To Choose Your Wedding Attire.

Attire "33 Affordable Wedding Planning Resources" by Debi Buckley

26th – Discount/Sale

Find shops that offer discounted, reduced, pre-owned or sale items.

27th – Rentals

Dresses and tuxedos may both be available to rent.  When it comes to renting a tuxedo you may get the grooms for free if your groomsmen all rent theirs as part of a package deal.

28th – Have it made

If you know a good seamstress and have an idea of what you want, it may be less expensive to have your dress made.

29th – Non-typical Dresses or Suits

There are brides who don’t want to get married in a typical wedding dress.  Some choices include other white dresses or even other color options.  Grooms can opt for a suit instead of a tuxedo as well.


Other Options

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!  It depends on what is important to you and what isn’t.

Go Digital "33 Affordable Wedding Planning Resources" by Debi Buckley

30th – Forget tradition

If you are not a stickler for tradition, then put it to the side.  There are numerous choices, which are usually less expensive when it comes to a more non-traditional wedding style.

31st – Go Digital

Various ideas include things such as invites online and photo sharing apps.  Search around for items that could save you time and money.

32nd – Do a Destination Wedding

There are great packages for destination weddings, which can be all-inclusive and leave you some wiggle room for items that are a MUST.  You do need to be prepared for some invited guests not to attend if they don’t have the funds or can’t take time off.

33rd – Funding

Finally, if your wish list is still out of your price range after selecting many of the other options available, you may want to consider having part or your entire wedding funded.  See the funding section under wedding registry sites for more information on this.
wedding planning resources

The most imperative thing while planning your wedding is to, again, prioritize what matters most to you.  Your wedding memories will last a lifetime, so make it your own and enjoy the process.

Remember; spend money on the things that you care most about and find alternatives to or don’t worry about those that you don’t care for.  You can still have a fabulous wedding while staying under the average spending costs.  Get creative and focus on what is significant to you and your future husband or wife.

Looking for additional wedding planning resources and ideas?  Take a peek at our blog if you haven’t, 22 Wedding Gurus Reveal Secrets On How To Not Be Overwhelmed, How To Be Cost-Effective And Enjoy Wedding Planning,  for more ways from wedding experts on being cost-effective.

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